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Signs of Light

Giclee prints on transparent film, tape, plexiglass, light.

2016 - 2017

Signs of Light attempts to map the in-between spaces we encounter within our most intimate spaces; the home. Often forgotten, left behind, unnoticed, and unseen the in-between spaces within the home become integral moments of our daily lives. Signs of Light is an installation of photographs on transparent film that investigates the poetic metaphors of light as an emotional and psychological indicator of space and time. Employing the tenuous nature of collage and assemblage I attempt to explore light and space as it relates to memory, perception, and viewer experience. Photographs appear to float and sway, bend and curl, reflect and absorb light, and rest somewhere in-between motion and stasis, presence and absence, material and immaterial.

Activated by light, the transparent photographs blend imagery of an interior domestic window, a rolling landscape, and prismatic metal folds. The transparent film also catches the gallery lighting, producing an immaterial latent image on the walls and surfaces surrounding the objects. This uncertain relationship between image and material, space and image, presence and absence is what fuels this body of work. Light plays a fundamental role in perception and photography. In Signs Of Light, I use light to create uncertain spaces where images and objects combine in a hybrid relationship, while serving as signs of life in otherwise quiet dwellings.