Published Writing

Natalie Hunter. "Embodiment and Reverie in Marianne Burlew’s Twinning". 2017. Idea Exchange / Cambridge Art Galleries. Published Essay for Marianne Burlew’sTwinning. November 10, 2017 - January 21, 2018.
Embodiment and Reverie in Marianne Burlew’s Twinning

Natalie Hunter. "Rosy Pictures: An Installation of Photography" In
[Intersections | Cross-Sections 2016] Re: Turns. 2016. Topia: Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies. York University.
Natalie Hunter. Rosy Pictures: An Installation of Photography. 2016

Natalie Hunter. "Passing Through: An Installation of Photography". 2013. University of Waterloo Thesis and Dissertations.
Natalie Hunter. Passing Through: An Installation of Photography. 2013