Reviews & Interviews

Reviews & Interviews
Review by Bart Gazzola. Hamilton Arts and Letters Issue 14.1 / Spring 2021 - The Hammer.
Interview: The Gathered Gallery. Interview questions by Emily Pittman and Natalie Fields. April 2021. The Gathered Gallery Interviews Natalie Hunter
Radio Interview with Bernadette Rule. Art Waves. 101.5FM, 1015 The Hawk. Aired March 28th, 2021.… Art Waves|
Artist Talk. IGTV chat with Tara Westerman at Smokestack Gallery for When I see, I breathe light. March 25th, 2021.
Guest Artist. SAD (Sculpture A Day) by Sara Graham. 2020. Sculptureaday Guest Artist: Natalie Hunter
"Other Peoples Pixels Interviews Natalie Hunter". Questions by Chicago based artist and writer Stacia Yeapanis. in Other Peoples Pixels Blog. February 2020. Chicago, IL, USA. Other Peoples Pixels Blog

"In an era when most people only encounter photography on their digital devices, Natalie Hunter reminds us of the physicality of photography. But she doesn't rely on the conventions of prints framing and hanging on the wall to do it. Instead, she combines the intangible staples of film exposure—light and time—with the material aspects of sculpture. She prints on transparent film and silk, folding and bending images, pinning them to the wall in undulating waves and draping them over wood and metal and plexiglass structures.⁠" - Stacia Yeapanis, Other Peoples Pixels.”
"Looking back to previous sensations". The Silhouette. By Nisha Gill. McMaster University Publication. Looking back to previous sensations
"The Poetic Everyday: In Conversation with Natalie Hunter". Questions by Adi Berardini. in Femme Art Review: an accessible source of art and culture. July 2019 The Poetic Everyday: In Conversation with Natalie Hunter
Ephemeral Architectures: Natalie Hunter at RHAC. Written by Bart Gazzola for The Sound. 2019. Ephemeral Architectures: Natalie Hunter at RHAC. Written by Bart Gazzola for The Sound
Natalie Hunter. "Hit List: Natalie Hunter, Artist - Hamilton". Akimbo. Published April 17th, 2019. Akimbo: Hit List - Natalie Hunter
Akimbo's Hit List
Optic Nerve Honourable Mention 2018. BlackFlash Magazine. June 2018 issue. Jurors: Joi T. Arcand, John G. Hampton, Kara Uzelman BlackFlash: Optic Nerve 2018