Images > To shape air, to catch light

To shape air, to catch light explores relationships between photographic time, light, motion, and the human breath. A series of sculptures were hand formed and woven with dichroic film, suspended, and allowed to spin with the natural air movement of the room. A figure is recorded through multiple exposures attempting to catch each sculpture as it spins. Each image captures movement within the space of a breath (2 seconds inhale, 3 seconds exhale) using long exposures. As air movement transforms each sculpture, subtle shifts in colour and light occur in each image. Reading as a visual poem of body and light movement within the space of the camera, To shape air, to catch light produces fleeting gestures and seemingly weightless situations that hover between motion and stillness, ephemeral and material, presence and absence, all at the same time.

Natalie Hunter wishes to acknowledge the generous
support of the Canada Council for the Arts in producing this body of work.