Natalie Hunter

Natalie Hunter is a Canadian Artist who grew up in Hamilton, Ontario; a city known for it's industrial steel manufacturing history. Her multi-disciplinary practice is rooted within the medium of photography, and also extends to material investigations in sculpture, installation, video, and drawing. Often using light, transparent film, alternative photography processes, and other fragile materials, she produces experiential and spatial installations that explore memory, the archive, time, space, the self, the everyday, and consciousness. She is interested in how sensory experience shapes memory and forms an understanding of the self. This inquiry seeks to examine the ways in which cultural, historical, cinematic and material forms of memory change, bend, and stretch over time, space, and place. Drawing upon personal history and forms of storytelling her work often traverses the boundaries between perceptions of past and present, reality and fiction, material and immaterial, presence and absence, motion and stasis, body and mind. In this way, her work addresses the material and experimental possibilities of hybrid image and object making in a digitally saturated culture.