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No More Than A Breath
1080p HD Video, 16'x9' voile fabric screen, fan.

Artist: Natalie Hunter
Title: No More Than A Breath
Year completed: 2017
Format: 1080p HD video
Length: 6:40
Role in Production: Videography, sound, and editing.

What is a breath? Is it a muscle movement? A private moment? A burst of air? A gentle hum? A sign of life? Or a sudden gust of wind? No More Than A Breath explores all of these things by investigating the psychology of space, consciousness, embodiment, the senses, and memory. Caught somewhere in-between motion and stillness, compiled video and sound footage from daily experiences explore the ephemeral qualities of air, whether from the body or from the environment. A breath becomes a metaphor for being. Using strategies that pertain to video montage and multi-channel video installation, No More Than A Breath attempts to unravel the microscopic, missed, and overlooked experiences of daily being according to a careful study of embodied and sensorial awareness.

(Quality reduced to 720p for uploading purposes. Original video is 1080p HD video)


2017- Photobphobia 11. Art Gallery of Hamilton. Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

2018 - Hamilton Fringe Festival. Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

2019 - Sensations of Breathing at the Sound of Light. Solo exhibition at Factory Media Centre. Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Exhibited during the Hamilton Supercrawl.