Recent Work > Installation and Sculpture

This section includes many of my photo-based and sculptural installations that make up the bulk of my artistic practice, including my unique photo-based installations on transparent film. Combining the intangible principles of photography —light and time— with the material aspects of sculpture, I explore the luminous, fragile, and transient properties that photographs on transparent film bring to concepts of memory, the passage of time, motion, and space. I often work with photographs on transparent film and other suspended, ephemeral, translucent, malleable, or fragile materials that embody the slippery space of thought, memory, time, and the act of making. Folding, curling, draping, layering, and bending images within space, I create immersive experiences and intricately layered installations that evoke reverie, sensory comprehension, and memory formation while questioning how our bodies flow through space and perceive images. Pinning my photographs to the wall in layers or undulating waves and draping them over wood, metal, and plexiglass structures, my installations become experiential encounters that speak to the poetics of light and memory, collapse time and space, question our relationships with the material and immaterial worlds we exist in, and how we understand memory, physical, and psychological space.