Installation and Sculpture > Sun Slips (unique transparent film installation)

Natalie Hunter

Top: Mirrored in light, on the edge of dusk. 2019
Left: Sunslip, almost midday 1. 2022
Right: Sunslip, almost midday 2. 2022.

Archival pigment prints on transparent film, turned aluminium, light.

28” x 42”each. Unique.

Sun Slips is a unique photo-based installation featuring colour transparent photographs suspended and layered in space. These images were made between 2020 and 2022, and are studies on witnessing the slow passage of light through time in my parents back garden. Temporary miniature sculptures made from various salvaged light reactive materials and colour films used in photography are photographed with multiple exposures as the sun shifts across the space and changes the composition of each structure in subtle ways. Acting like a sundial, traces of backyard architecture create shifting shadows that interrupt and blend with the circular forms of colour and light. Catching these moments through multiple exposures stretches time and allows us to witness the sun’s slow march across the sky through traces and shadows.
Enlarged and suspended on transparent film and illuminated by light, the photographs float like laundry hanging in the sun; they drape and shift with air movement, and cast latent imagery and shadows on the surface of the walls and floor. The visual traces of each photo-based sculpture are in constant flux. Creating a liminal atmosphere, these photographs speak to the physical properties and materials inherent in making them, and sunlight becomes both subject and material. Making us more aware of passing time in a day and the subtle effect light has on the spaces that we most frequently dwell.