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Hamilton artist Natalie Hunter employs the immaterial staples of photography - light and time - with the material aspects of sculpture in her installations. With a fascination for both image making and working with materials by hand she explores the complexities of memory, the senses, and space as they relate to consciousness, everyday experience, and the spaces in which we create for ourselves. For the past decade she has primarily produced multilayered and immersive photo-based installations on transparent film. In both image making, sculpture, and their installation, light is fundamental to her process. Working with translucent silk, transparent, colour, reflective, and backlit films, she drapes, folds, curls, and bends images in space over hand formed metal, wood, or acrylic glass armatures. Durational in nature, these sculptures and installations change based on the time of day, the angle of the sun, the quality of light, or how viewers interact with the work. Whether sculpture or image based she engages with materials and form while considering how light affects the spaces in which we dwell, our perceptions of time and place, and resonate with associations of memory and the senses. The translucency and mutability of her sculptures and images speak to the fluidity of thought and memory. Witnessing the slow passage of light through time, her work reflects upon the nature of personal memory and identity, time and place, embodiment and being, psychology of space, consciousness, and the unfixed image in our digitally saturated culture.

Natalie Hunter is the recipient of many Canada Council for the Arts Research and Creation Grants, and Ontario Arts Council Visual Artists Creation Project Grants. She has shown her work in numerous exhibitions, including: Rodman Hall Arts Centre, Art Gallery of Hamilton, Smokestack Gallery, Hamilton Supercrawl, University of Waterloo Art Gallery, Art Gallery of Windsor, Centre 3 for artistic + social practice, Factory Media Centre, Latcham Art Centre, and Museum London, among others. She holds an MFA from the University of Waterloo where she is a sessional instructor, and received an Excellence in Online Teaching Award (2017). She lives and works in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

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