Natalie Hunter uses photo based installations on transparent film, sculpture, photography, and light to explore memory, the senses, time, and perceived experience as fluid and ephemeral processes. Through her art practice she explores the poetics of time, temporality, chance, perception, light, motion, consciousness, and making as they relate to sensory comprehension and memory formation. Whether sculpture or image based she engages with materials and form while considering how the spaces in which we dwell affect our perceptions of time and place, and resonate with associations of memory and the senses. In both image making, sculpture, and their installation, light is fundamental to her process. Her evocative installations composed of image and sculpture create contemplative spaces and experiential encounters that become poetic mediations on the act of making, the fragility of memory, and our relationships with the material and immaterial worlds we exist in.


Smokestack Gallery

Art Gallery of Hamilton Art Sales


The City of Kitchener
Bridgeport Community Centre
Capital One
Art Gallery of Hamilton Art Sales Department
Private and Corporate collections


2022 - Photorama. Gallery TPW. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. November 17th - December 4th 2022.

2021-2026 - Rooms. Gladstone House (Gladstone Hotel). Installation in Room 407. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


2023 - image/object: new approaches to three-dimensional photography. Karin Bubas, Natalie Hunter, Karen Zalema. The Reach Gallery Museum. Abbotsford, B.C. Canada. Curated by Adrienne Fast.
image/object: new approaches to three-dimensional photography, The Reach Gallery Museum

2023 - Capture Photography Festival. Featured exhibition. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Recent Exhibitions:

2022 - Weightless Entities. Centre 3 for artistic + social practice. Curated group exhibition. Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. August 2022.

2022 - How dim died the sun, how far hung the sky. Centre 3 for artistic + social practice. Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. July 3- July 31, 2022. Solo exhibition. Exhibition Highlights: Natalie Hunter at Centre3

2022 - BillBored Project. Factory Media Centre. Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. July 2022.

2022 - Breaths, Monuments, Offerings. Natalie Hunter, Lauren Prousky, Shellie Zhang. University of Manitoba School of Art Gallery. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. March 11, 2022 – April 29, 2022.

2022 - Annual AGH Art Sale. Art Gallery of Hamilton. April 28-May 1, 2022. In-person and online.

2022 - SNAP Live Auction. Lot 3, Scent of the Sun special limited edition prints. Suite of 4. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. March 24th 2022. Represented by Smokestack Gallery.

2021 - Paper Pushers: a group exhibition of Smokestack special edition prints. November 12 – December 17, 2021. Smokestack Gallery, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Paper Pushers

SCULPTURE 2021 online exhibition/art book juried by Robert Birch. John B. Aird Gallery. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. July - September 2021.

Altered Images At Hand. Group exhibition at Propeller Art Gallery. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. April 28 - May 16, 2021. A Contact Scotiabank Photography Festival exhibition. Altered Images At Hand

When I see, I breathe light. Solo exhibition at Smokestack Gallery. Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. February 25th - July 14th 2021. Natalie Hunter: When I see, I breathe light

Billows and Breathing Spaces, Centre 3 for Artistic and Social Practice. Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. February 5 - March 4th 2020

Sensations of breathing at the sound of light. Solo Exhibition. Factory Media Centre. Hamilton,
Ontario, Canada. September 13th - October 4th, 2019. Exhibition running through the 2019 Hamilton Supercrawl.

Shaping Time: Natalie Hunter, Xiaojing Yan and Lois Schklar at Latcham Art Centre. July 10 - August 24th. Curated by Elisa Coish.
Shaping Time at Latcham Art Centre

Staring Into The Sun. Solo exhibition at Rodman Hall Arts Centre. Hansen Gallery. Curated by Marcie Bronson. January 25th - May 5th 2019.… .The artist's first solo museum exhibition.

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