Installation and Sculpture > Light Leak (study for a window)


Light Leak (study for a window) is a durational kinetic sculpture that responds to air movement, time, and light. Illuminated by moving sunlight, or static artificial light, this sculptural form spins and throws latent imagery on surrounding surfaces of the space it occupies. The curved overlapping shaped apertures also become portals in which to look through; reframing space in the subtleties of colour and texture of the cast resin. In this ethereal and durational sculpture I explore material sensibilities such as weightlessness, transparency, opacity, balance, and motion. Like a lens spinning in space, Light Leak (study for a window) is related to my photographs in that it relies on the material staples of photography - light and time - to be experienced. Ultimately this work is a study on the passage of time, the ephemeral qualities of light, how it affects familiar spaces, the body, and our perception of time, and what this does to memory and immediate experience.