Images > The Lightest Touch Can Leave a Lasting Trace

Natalie Hunter
The Lightest Touch Can Leave A Lasting Trace
Archival pigment prints on transparent film, and baryta paper.
24" x 36" each.

How do you catch a breath? How do you hold light? How do you hang on to a memory? It’s as elusive as trying to catch the wind. For many years I’ve been trying to understand what it means to want to try and catch and hold my mother’s breath, or to try and hold the shifting light in familiar spaces, and failing in these attempts. This installation attempts to unravel the complexities of time, light, and motion, human bonds and the fragility of memory through photo based transparent film installations, light, and sculpture. Each work is mutable, and changes with your movement or perception. Caught between stillness and motion these gestures in space attempt to capture what cannot be kept; a breath expelled, sunlight as it moves across a space through time, a human gesture, or the sensations of a memory caught in the mind.