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Passing Through

Employing photography with strategies of installation and collage, Passing Through encourages the nature of memory through an engagement with the materiality of photographic images. I approach a photograph first as an object of material memory, second as an image. Considering memory as an ephemeral phenomenon, I am interested in exploring the emotional and psychological affects that images have on the body and mind. This is investigated through the use of motion and light both in the collecting of photographs and in the presentation of my work. The camera, a tool used traditionally for viewing and capturing the exterior world, becomes an apparatus for introspection and collecting streams of consciousness. Organizing, deconstructing, and assembling this fragmented information is a strategy I use to navigate the psychology of forgetting and remembering. These strategies of collecting and tracing are employed as a means of forming connections between people, places, materials, objects, and images.

Recounting personal history, storytelling, and participating in the immediate present, I actively seek out images as a means for re-experiencing memory. Triggers reveal themselves during the collection and deconstruction of both personal and found photographic material. Re- assembling this information produces an archive consisting of real and re-imagined fragments of spaces and narratives. Together, these processes develop an artistic practice that considers the image as a material and experiential entity that is inherently memory based; triggering memory to create an emotive response in the viewer.