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Sensations of breathing at the sound of light
Factory Media Centre
September 13 – October 4, 2019

Sensations of breathing at the sound of light merges photography video projection and sculpture to address ideas of memory, home, time, light, and their relationships with consciousness, self awareness, and perception. Straddling the liminal space between sculpture and image, material and immaterial, presence and absence, Sensations of breathing at the sound of light investigates light and it’s material affects on the body, mind, and in the camera. Bringing together works made over the past four years, Natalie Hunter questions our physical, emotive, and psychological relationships to light, space, and air as they envelop us daily within the home, rest in memory, but often escape our notice. Light is used to make photographs, activate spaces, and considered a material in the production and presentation of each work. This extended study in the ephemeral qualities of light and the passage of time attempts to unravel our memories of the spaces we know intimately through time and lived experience.

Natalie Hunter uses transparent photographs, light, and other light activated materials to create installations and sculptures that challenge the boundaries between mental and physical spaces, time and memory, material and immaterial, light and motion, presence and absence. Her multidisciplinary practice is concerned with the transformation of materials, objects, and images in ways that evoke an emotive or psychological response in the viewer. Her work engages with the passage of time, the ephemeral qualities of light, how it affects familiar spaces, the body, our perception of time, and what this does to memory and immediate experience. She often produces experiential installations using photographs on transparent film, light, and other fragile materials that engage with the poetics of time, memory, perception, and the senses.

Natalie Hunter wishes to acknowledge the generous support of both the Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council.