Installation and Sculpture > Breathing Spaces

How do you catch a breath? How do you hold light? How do you hang on to a memory?

The photographs, sculptures, and installations in Breathing Spaces re-envision the intimate spaces our bodies encounter to explore concepts of space, perception, time, and memory. At once colourful and sensorial, yet poetic, these installations re-contextualize perceptions of interior and exterior spaces, familiar places, the structures our bodies encounter, and the spaces we create for ourselves. Photographs on transparent film, translucent silk, and backlight film are pinned to the wall in undulating waves, or drape over armatures that recall windows, doors, and architectural forms; suggesting collapsed spaces in constant flux. Through overlapping perspectives, layering, draping, folding, the use of light and air, and a consideration for materiality and time in sculpture and image making, Breathing Spaces challenges and expands upon the ways we perceive and contribute to our everyday surroundings, and how we embody and remember physical space as psychological and sensorial experiences.

Natalie Hunter wishes to acknowledge the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts in producing this body of work.