Memory, time and the sensorium. Embodiment, affect, and mediated experience. Visual culture and film theory. The history of photography. Stillness and the moving image. Image, object, and experience. Materiality and ephemerality. Installation, light, space, and viewer experience. Sculpture in the expanded field.

Studio Specialization
Photography and digital imaging. Sculpture and installation. Video and projection. Lens based media. Experimental hybrid approaches to photography and sculpture. Multimedia installation. Experimental drawing.


- Extensive experience in online teaching (10 years). Including online course maintenance and design, online tutorials, project development, communication and instruction, and teaching courses with 250 students enrolled.
- In-class studio instruction, including drawing, photography, digital imaging and sculpture.
- In-class lecture development and delivery, including seminars, class discussions, lecture content and assignments.
- Course syllabus and project development.

University of Waterloo
Fine Arts Department

Course Author
- FINE 130: Introduction to Digital Imaging (online)

Sessional Instructor
- FINE 204: Special Topics in Studio - Photography
- FINE 130: Introduction to Digital Imaging (online)
- FINE 150: Appreciation and Expression - Experimental Approaches to Drawing
- FINE 228: Digital Imaging
- FINE 307: Advanced Topics in Studio
- FINE 319: Contemporary Art

Teaching Assistant
- FINE 222 Principles of Sculpture
- FINE 224: Expressive Drawing

Brock University
Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts
Visual Arts Department

Sessional Instructor
- VISA 2P27: Digital Photography

Teaching Assistant
- VISA 1P98: Introduction to Visual Culture
- VISA 1P99: Introduction to Western Art History


Boragina, Stephanie. The art of teaching art online. The Daily Bulletin. Thursday October 27, 2022. Centre fo Extended Learning. University of Waterloo. Daily Bulletin - The art of teaching art online

Recent Workshops

2020 - Workshop / Lecture. Online Art Documentation, 2d and 3d. Factory Media Centre and Hamilton Artists Inc. Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
At-Home Art Documentation Workshop: Facilitated by Natalie Hunter

Teaching Awards

Excellence in Online Teaching Award (2017). University of Waterloo

Student Feedback

"It is rare to find an instructor who is as interested and engaged in their students' work as Natalie has demonstrated to be. This course was the highlight of my semester, allowing me to express myself through the digital medium."

"Super supportive, understanding and teaches the material very well! Natalie always gets back to my e-mails instantly with helpful feedback and guidance. She's one of the kindest and encouraging instructors that truly care about her students I've ever had. "

"Excellent course! Learned lots, enjoyed my time and projects and appreciate and respect the instructor."

"She's a great Instructor. I've had other online classes before but with Professors Hunter's class i felt very well informed and up to date with everything unlike other courses. She also grades assignments promptly and gives meaningful feed back on all the assignments. Best online prof I've ever had."

"She is very caring and respectful, and actually has really creative assignments that have taught me so much! Plus she is super super kind and thoughtful!"