Installation and Sculpture > Shaping Time: Natalie Hunter, Xiaojing Yan and Lois Schklar

Shaping Time: Natalie Hunter, Lois Schklar and Xiaojing Yan

Group Exhibition at Latcham Art Centre

July 10 to August 24, 2019

Latcham Art Centre celebrates their 40th anniversary with Shaping Time, a group exhibition with Natalie Hunter, Lois Schklar and Xiaojing Yan. These artists push the boundaries of their respective media and explore ideas related to memory and time in unique and compelling ways. Whether in the photo-based work by Hunter, the collected objects employed by Schklar or the elements of nature transformed by Yan, there is a shared interest in experimenting with the ephemeral qualities of light and shadow and the sculptural aspects of different materials. This exhibition purposefully represents artists at all different stages of their careers, pairing two established artists who have exhibited with the gallery in past and an emerging artist, showcasing the role a public art gallery plays in helping to support the growth and development of artists.

Curated by Elisa Coish

More documentation coming soon.

Documentation by Natalie Hunter