Installation and Sculpture > Weightless Entities, Centre 3 Group Exhibition

Weightless Entities: 2022 Annual Curated Members' Exhibition
Aug 4 – Aug 30, 2022
Opening Reception: Aug 12, 2022 | 7 – 10 PM

Artists: Emma Enright, Natalie Hunter, Katherine A. Laird, Breanna Shanahan,
Stephanie Sikma, Ryan Waldron, Lana Yuan

Weightless Entities features work by Emma Enright, Natalie Hunter, Katherine Laird, Breanna Shanahan, Stephanie Sikma, Ryan Waldron, and Lana Yuan. As independent and interdependent entities, artists often express ideas framing their existence. These intuitions can be felt like a weightless presence in which the artists in this exhibition manifest through unique assemblages of material, texture, and form. Like floating daydreams, forming and reforming across different hands, they guide us to deeper reflections.

We see soft surfaces, patterns, shapes, and figures assembling and reconfiguring, coming in and out of perception. Clouds that start to smoke the sky, dreamscapes, levitated suspensions, and crafted airplanes – all seem to coexist with unique collaged elements in weightless environments. The works weave together overlapping narratives and deft material play. Their intuitions gesture towards something that feels intangibly surreal and personal.

Each artist brings their own inquiries, touching on materialism, consumption, space and consciousness, anxieties around ecological degradation, and speculative fictional worlds. As the first Annual Members’ Exhibition since Covid-19, these imaginings give us new air for introspection. The show invites us to re-envision our own realities and re-ground their interconnectivity with the world.

Co-curated by: Olivia Brouwer, Ron Siu, Aytak Dibavar, Teba Faisal, Barin Osho

Natalie Hunter
Breaths taken, released, and caught by light
Three hand shaped archival pigment prints on transparent film, light. 24” x 36” each print. 3' x 4' installation dimensions.

"Breaths taken, released, and caught by light (2019) is a unique photo-based sculptural transparent film installation that responds to subtleties of light and air movement. Transparent photographs resembling pieces of light and time are draped, folded, rippled, curled, and caught in a corner of the gallery.Relying on the immaterial principles of photography - light and time - I work with photographs on transparent film and other materials that embody weightlessness, transparency, malleability, and fragility because they speak to ephemeral concepts of light and time, the slippery spaces of memory and thought, and the material and immaterial worlds we exist in.

Each photograph ripples and billows with air movement as you walk by. The translucent nature of the transparent film allows light to filter through areas of the image, producing latent images on the walls and surfaces of the gallery. As the natural light changes in the gallery space, so too does the material properties of the transparent images. Saturated hues of pink, yellow and orange frame domestic spaces one might find in a home.

Malleable, fluid, and flowing, the pictorial elements of the installation activate the corner of the gallery space. The time of day, the angle of the sun, and subtle shifting air movements in the space affect the translucency, fluidity, and weight of the transparent photographs. In this way this photo-based installation is impermanent, and mutable. Like a memory, the images are influenced by their materials and the external forces that impact them."

Natalie Hunter